Dr Sam Bartholomew

FRNZCUC, CORE instructor & Medical Advisor for the NZHGPA

Sam is passionate about adventure, education, his family and trying not to get injured (often not successfully). "Its who you are that determines what you do not the other way round" and "understanding is more important than agreement".


Conference Advisor

Dr Chris Hill


Chris moved to NZ from the UK to find a better life, he's found it and making the most of it!

He occasionally works as a Rural Hospitalist and Alpine rescue doctor, but spends most his time chasing the vertical world he's passionate about and clowning about with his kids.

Conference Advisor

Dr Mark Gutenstien

FACEM, FDRHMNZ, Simulation Instructor

Marc embraces his family, the wilderness, the complexities of human nature, and coffee. "Everything is interconnected. Listen carefully, explore, innovate and find your theme"

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