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Front Line Medicine

2023 Winter conference


We will be planning two dates for 2023 in order to run the conference format twice.

One of those as a women's only event.

2023 FLM Winter Mini Conference

Date: TBA

2023 FLM Women's Winter Mini Conference

Date: TBA

Both conferences

Price: TBA

Location: Wanaka/Whare Kea Chalet TBC

Cost includes TBC: Conference fee, transfer to and from Whare Kea Chalet,  2 nights accommodation at Whare Kea Chalet and associated food whilst at Whare Kea Chalet.

Not included TBC: Transport, accommodation, food, beverages and other associated costs whilst in Wanaka.

What its all about

We provide a bespoke mini-medical conference asking and discussing the bigger questions for front line senior medics, like our personal wellness, how we fit into a changing and developing medical world, how we wish to see it evolve, our Ideas, concerns, and expectations as a front line medics, critical decision making, and shared reflection. We have a focus on peer review and short-form presentations with open discussion rather than didactic lectures. We have no medically related sponsors. We value the fact we are more than doctors and we create an environment to learn and share in that reflects this! It happens we like mountains and the NZ back country and this is a great environment to develop a sense of community whilst educating each other. 



Conference overview

(for both dates)

Times and locations for days are estimates due to the nature of the conference and locations utilised. The schedule is flexible in order to facilitate and complete the required content of the conference.

Note discussions in small groups normally go beyond the allocated time. We record time spent and create a PDF summary for all attendees. 2021 summary PDF example.

Day 1 (Wanaka)
Days topic - More than a Doctor
Welcome and registration day, arrive in Wanaka.
3:30pm Registration location
530pm - 730pm Evening Presentations x3/discussion (2 hrs)

Day 2  (Wanaka)
Days topic - Case-based discussions
830 am - 930am Structured peer review (1hr) morning

10 am - 430pm Personal time

5pm - 7pm Presentations x3/discussion (2hrs) evening

Day 3 (Wanaka to Whare Kea Chalet)
Days topic - Pre-hospital/critical decision making

8am Transfer Whare Kea Chalet

930am to 230pm Personal time

3pm - 4pm Structured peer review (1hr)

5pm - 7pm Presentations x3/discussion (2hrs) evening

Day 4 (Whare Kea Chalet)
Days topic - Risk and resilience
830am - 930am Structured peer review (1hr)
10am to 430pm Personal time
5pm - 7pm Presentations x3/discussion (2hrs) evening

Day 5 (Whare Kea Chalet to Wanaka)
Days topic - The future of acute medical care
830am - 930am Structured peer review (1hr)
930am to 3pm Personal time
330 pm - Return to Wanaka
530pm - 730pm - Final presentations x3/discussion (2hrs) evening
8pm to 10pm - Conference dinner and reflections, location TBA

conference closes


Additional information

All in attendance present during the conference, the aim is for peer education. The format is short presentations to stimulate group discussion. Peer review, presentations and discussions are orientated around the days topic.


Daily risk management sessions are based around outdoor activities focusing on group analysis of risk and group reflection on how these decision making processes also apply to and can improve our working environment.

Please note during the conference given the remote environment  attendees should have the relevant personal equipment and experience for safe winter alpine travel.

Please contact us for more information.

overview of 2021 FLM conference content and learning points

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