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Currently planned event on 19th Sept 2021 has been cancelled in reflection of the current COVID-19 situation.

We feel it is important to care for each other and be responsible and we do not feel that at this time holding a live event is right thing to do.

We are working on online options so watch this space!



What makes us who we are? Is all we are our jobs or are we more than our careers and training? In this hectic career and an intense job, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge and share in the fact we are more than just Medics. We have passions, loves, adventures and lives that extend beyond the confines of our workplace.

Be inspired and be reminded we are more than a group of letters denoting a title. With medics sharing with you what stokes their fire and makes them burn bright . They will kindly open up and share with you their lives beyond medicine and remind us of our diversity and that we are as human as our patients!

All profit from these events will go to Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust

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Choices, Chaos and Cakes
By Rachel Tullet

“Hi I really have no idea where I’ll be in September but happy to talk about whatever I’m doing :)
I am currently working for Medecins sans Frontières supporting the COVID-19 response.”

Rachel’s list of global endeavours in the expedition and humanitarian worlds wouldn’t fit  on one page let alone one paragraph, but everyone that knows her is aware she has a cake for every situation, so we will leave it at that.Rachel will be joining us by live feed from where ever she may be.

Backcountry bedbugs and bunk building
By Justin Venable
PNG image.png

“I’ll be talking about Backcountry Hutt renovations.
I am a hospital doctor on the west coast, global expedition medicine doctor, Search and Rescue NZ medical advisor and professional practice fellow @ university of Otago”

Hills and Hoof-prints
By Kirsty Mann

“Horses have always been a part of my life, long before I discovered helicopters! Since moving to New Zealand in 2005, I developed a passion for riding up hills, exploring the backcountry, and having adventures with four-legged friends.

I work as a Rescue Helicopter Crewman & Intensive Care Paramedic for The West Cost Rescue Helicopter.”

Ramadan and me
By Sam Bartholomew

“I was going to talk about the adventures I have had with my Dad over the years in Nepal, Antarctica and NZ via foot, boat and motorbike. However it dawned on me that I should share with you a less well known and less well traveled journey for me but one I share with many millions across the globe that is the Month of Ramadan.

I work as a Rural Hospital Generalist in Greymouth Hospital Te Nikau. I have been rescued by the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Service. I am also the medical advisor for the NZ Hang gliding Paragliding association. I am a jack of all trades and certainly not a king of any castle and I am perfectly happy with that :)”


Rivers of the Kimberly
By Jeffrey Davies

Kimberly Kayak.jpg

“I will be telling the story of kayaking 450kms across the ancient rivers of the Kimberly region in Far Northwestern Australia. An area which is home to flooding rains, wild rapids, remote rivers, rich Indigenous culture and more than a few crocodiles.

I am whitewater kayaker who is lucky enough to fund my adventures by working as a Paramedic around the world.
Currently this is in NZ as Paramedic / Crewman for the West Coast Rescue Helicopter.”

Accidental adventure racing
By Katie Smith

“I'll be talking about the highs and low of adventure racing and how I caught the bug :)
I'm a part-time rural hospital doctor working in Greymouth and Westport, and spending all my free time exploring the amazing outdoors of NZ”


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